Race Volunteers

RD – Lawrence Chow
Timing Team – Jen Yoak, Brian Lutz and Christian Haag
Honorary timing team – Karen Gildow, Kevin Thieke, Karl Gangloff and Steve Wirick for all their help with manual lap tracking and getting everyone switched to short loops in a different direction for the last hour of the race.
Registration, course, loading/unloading, meal prep, encouragement and overall chaos control – Karen Gildow, Steve Wirick, J. Patrick Whitecar, Julian Whitecar, Kevin Thieke, Len Mitchell, Karl Gangloff, Randy Kreill, Gerald Collins (national anthem!), Jessica Vu, Donald Oreskovich, Abigail Weaver, Trudy Bechtolt, Patty Buck, Andrea Van Sickle (kept us in compliance with the festival’s waste policies!), Julie Brown, Carol Wirick, Megan Kreill, Keith Bell, Kevin Smith and Damian Elking

Race Results

Note from the timing team: there were a few minor changes once all the data was tabulated for short/long loops.
Please use the contact form below if you have a correction to your results or didn’t receive the proper distance award on site at the race.

Perseverance awards go to:
Katey Wisniewski
Robbie Turner