Grand Prix Series 2023



The purpose of the ORRRC Grand Prix is to recognize members who participate and volunteer at a variety of club races. The participants accumulate points in age group divisions. Awards are given to all participants (16 or older) who meet the minimum requirements. Members who wish to participate should register by April 30.

Those who register after April 30 may do so but might not receive retroactive credit for races or volunteer points. Information needed to register is the name you use for races, gender, and e-mail address.

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Race participation – Runners 16 years and over must finish two club races in each of the three distance categories (two category A races, two category B races, and two category C races).

Volunteering – Working two of the following events: Marathon/Half Marathon, Ghost n Goblin, and the Turkey Trot in the current year. Plus be a non-running volunteer in at least 2 smaller events.


Points will be awarded as follows: First – 5 points, Second – 4 points, Third – 3 points, and all other finishers 2 points.


Results are posted on the ORRRC website on a periodic basis beginning no later than April. Results will be added as attachments to this page. Please see below for the most recent post. Points accumulate as you participate in races. It is expected that participants will maintain their own records and periodically review their results.

Grand Prix Qualifying Races

Note Changes: Categories are determined by the planned race distance as given by the race director. The category will not be changed when changes are required before or during the race. The governing category is what is posted here. Category A is 5K (3.1 miles), B is 4.0 miles – 10K (6.2 miles), and C is greater than a 10K (6.2 miles). For example, if you run a race that was planned to be 5 miles and was scheduled as a B race but because of icy roads or for some other reason the distance is shortened to 3.5 miles, it would still be a B race. **Races may be added, rescheduled, and/or canceled**

A Races B Races C Races
Sweetheart Shuffle Frostbite 5 Frosty 14*
St. Patrick’s 5k 4 Hour Relay* Little Miami 10 Mile
Sugar Maple 6k George Rogers Clark Park 10k* Sycamore 10ish Miler*
Vandalia 5k Wingman 10k Summer Solstice*
Adaptive Trail Race (5k only)* Tadmor 10k Stillwater 7*
Englewood 5k Darby Creek Bison 10k Fall Festival 10 Mile
Lou Cox at DeWeese Park 5k Narrows Rabbit Hunt* Winter Solstice*
Grant Park XC 5k*
Pumpkin Patch Prediction Run
Gift Exchange 5k

*Trail Run

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