The Ohio River Road Runners Club is a 501(c)(3) corporation with a mission to spread the love of running throughout the Miami Valley of Ohio. Below you will find information, a voucher submission system, information on the process to request financial records (#transparency), and a way to contact the Treasurer for any assistance you require.

Key Documents


Tax ID


Club Address

3195 Dayton-Xenia Road, Suite 900

PMB 316

Beavercreek, Ohio 45434-6390


Some Important Info

Each race director is responsible for the entire financial activity and accounting of their race(s). We have developed processes to assist you with completing a well-accounted for and financially sound race. Please follow these processes to ensure you receive timely payment from the ORRRC, and to ensure your third-party vendors are likewise paid rapidly.

1. Check your race/event budget

Your specific race/event budget may be found on the race budgets tab of this site. You are encouraged by the ORRRC Board of Directors to spend per that budget:  the Board does not seek extreme cost-savings that would make our events “cheap”, but also does not authorize spending over the budget. If you are going to spend over your budget, let the Board know (via the President or Treasurer) at least 30 days prior to your event so he can get approval from the Board for the overage.

2. Get and Bring “Seed Money” to Your Race

You are responsible for bringing “seed money” to your race. Seed money will be used to make changes for participants who pay cash at the event. For a race of 100 people, it is best to bring a mix of single-dollar bills (approximately $25-50 worth), five $5 bills, and a few $10 bills. Since our events cost most non-members usually $9, you will go through singles quite quickly. This seed money will be returned to you at the end of your race. The Treasurer cannot provide this money to you.

3. Print the ORRRC Race & Event Financial Accounting Document (OREFAD)

The OREFAD may be found by clicking here. There is an Excel spreadsheet form and a PDF for your use – either will be accepted. This is the document you will use to show your income, the seed money you brought, and then the payouts made during the race. The OREFAD is mandatory, and you must submit an OREFAD to be reimbursed for your race.

4. Bring the OREFAD to your race and fill out the information based on your race’s activities.

Have an independent person (not the race director nor the Treasurer) verify your accounting, then have them sign off on the OREFAD. Without independent verification, your voucher will not be accepted. You also must sign the OREFAD, indicating you believe that the document has been completed with integrity and accuracy.

5. Upload the OREFAD on the “Submit a Voucher/Invoice”

You can upload the OREFAD on the “Submit a Voucher/Invoice” tab on this page. Include any receipts you have, and fill out the information required in the voucher submission.

If you have cash from the race and the Treasurer was not there to handle it, you may elect to keep the cash and receive a payment from the ORRRC less the held cash, or you may arrange to securely deliver the cash to the ORRRC Treasurer.

If you do not see your race listed below, please contact the Treasurer using the contact tab on this website.

NOTE: Race expenses do *not* include toilets/restrooms, park permits, or other ORRRC-mandated items.

Also note that suggested expenses are based on data starting around 2019, and COVID has messed up the data/analysis for this. It will get better/smarter over time as we get more data on how much income races will pull-in typically each year. Your main aim is to achieve the amount in the "You Are Expected to Make" column moreso than focusing on the "TO ACHIEVE THIS BASED ON PREVIOUS YEARS' INCOME, YOU SHOULD AIM FOR EXPENSES (Awards, Food, Etc.) NO GREATER THAN" column, so if you create your own budget for your own race, please focus on that number on the left more.
Tie Dye 50k5002000
200K No Way!0400
Another Damn 50k500800
Dawg Gone Long 50-Miler10002000
Germantown 50k10002000
MOX 12-Hour500300
Broken Toe 50k1000300
Frosty 14-200300
Germantown 10-Miler-200300
Twin Creek 10k-200300
George Rogers Clark Park 5k-200300
Summer Solstice-200300
West Milton Cross Country-200300
Possum Creek 5k-200300
Darby Creek Bison 5k/10k-300300
Stillwater 7-Miler-200300
Grant Park Cross Country-200300
The Narrows-200300
Winter Solstice-200300
Frostbite 5-Miler-2001500 (includes hoodies)
Sweetheart Shuffle-200300
Little Miami 10-Miler-200300
St Patrick 5k-200300
Sugar Maple 5k-200300
Vandalia 5k-200300
Dash for Cash-200700 (include prize money)
WingMan 10k-200300
Englewood 5k-200300
Tadmor 10k-200300
Lou Cox DeWeese 5k-200300
Fall Festival 15k-200300
Turkey Prediction-200300
Gift Exchange 5k-200150 (no awards given)

Your Information

    Race Budgets

    What if I spend over my allotted budget?

    If you believe you will spend over your allotted expenditure budget, you must notify the ORRRC Board immediately via either the President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. They will bring the overage to the Board, where the Board may consent to raise your expenditures ceiling. If the Board does not consent, you may be personally at risk for any overages incurred.

    Can I get an increase in my budget?

    Yes, however, it requires a vote by the ORRRC Board of Directors. Follow the procedures outlined above in “What if I spend over my allotted budget?” to pursue a budget increase.

    Will any “extra” carry over for next year’s race?

    Our budgets are handled statefully, year by year. Any “overage” or “extra” from this year will not carry forward or backward outside our fiscal year.

    Voucher & Invoices

    How long should I expect to wait for payment if I use the online submission form?

    While we strive to have vouchers and invoices paid within 10 business days, the Treasurer position is a volunteer position and other tasks & time constraints may prevent payment within that time frame.

    Will I receive a payment if I have an incomplete voucher submitted?

    No. The voucher, including a completed and signed OREFAD, is required for payment. The voucher may be submitted in person, so long as it includes all requirements from the electronic version (signed OREFAD, all receipts, and totals for payment).

    ORRRC Financial Information

    How do I obtain information about the ORRRC’s financial status?

    Our financial status, excluding personally identifiable information, is available to our membership at any time. Please contact the treasurer for any document using the “Contact the Treasurer” tab on this page. Include the type of information and the time frame for the information you’d like to receive. If you wish to receive recurring, monthly updates (limited to financial statements only for time reasons), please indicate that on the contact form as well. Personally identifiable information (members’ names, account information, addresses, etc.) will not be made available.

    Complaints or Concerns

    Where should I direct a complaint or concern?

    If you have a complaint or concern not addressable with the Treasurer, please contact either the ORRRC President or Vice President for resolution.

    Club Resources

    ORRRC Store

    We have partnered with RunnersPlus to open a merchandise store to buy ORRRC apparel and items! Right now there are t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, quarter-zips, hoodies, and jackets available!

    Visit Store

    Race Photographs

    With over 30 events per year, we have partnered with a local photographer to provide our membership with awesome pics! Take a look!

    See photos

    Small Race Pre-Registration

    If you are an ORRRC member, pre-registration is available at many of our races! Take a look at the available registrations.

    See list of races

    55th Marathon and 33rd Half Marathon

    55th ORRRC Marathon & 33rd Half Marathon
    The RRCA State Championship Half Marathon

    Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 at 8:00 a.m.
    Xenia YMCA, Xenia, Ohio

     44th Turkey Trot

    The club's largest event! Come join over 7000 runners on Thanksgiving day!

    Thursday, November 24th, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.
    Riverfront Park, Miamisburg, Ohio

    37th Ghost N Goblin 5k

    The 37th running of the best & biggest Halloween-themed road race in town!

    Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.
    Wright State University's Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio