This web page is a directory of ORRRC races with pre-registration available to our membership. In order to use these pre-registration forms, you must be an ORRRC member and be 18 and over. All others MUST use the regular race-day sign up process.

If you pre-register, you are still bound to all of the terms, conditions, and rules as though you had signed up on race-day using our paper forms.

In order to pre-register for a race, please click on the race name link below. If there is no link, that means pre-registration has not been set up yet, or it may not be used for that race.

January February March April
Frostbite 5-Miler
Sweetheart Shuffle 5k
Frosty 14
Little Miami 10-Mile
St. Patrick’s 5k
Sycamore 10-Miler
Twin Creek 10k
Sugar Maple 5k
May June July August
George Rogers Clark Park 10k
Vandalia 5k
Summer Solstice Half Marathon Englewood 5k
1-Mile Dash for Cash
Summer Solstice Half Marathon
West Milton Cross Country 5k
Possum Creek 5k
Tadmor 10k
WingMan 10k
Darby Creek Bison 10k
September October November December
Lou Cox 5k at DeWeese Park
Stillwater 7
Cross Country 5k
Narrows Rabbit Hunt 5.7 Mile Trail Race
Fall Festival 10-Mile Gift Exchange 5k
Winter Solstice 13.1 Trail Race

Frequently Asked Questions


    • Where do I go on race day if I’m pre-registered?


        • If you have pre-registered for the race, please go to the registration table with the green table cloth. We will give you your chip and you’ll be on your way fast!

    • Should I pre-register if I’m not sure I will attend?


        • Yes! If you don’t make it, we simply delete you out of our data-set for that race and it’s like you never even pre-registered! Pre-registering, even if there’s a small chance that you’ll attend, saves the timing team a significant amount of preparation and data entry time, so we always prefer you pre-register if you can.

    • If I pre-register and I don’t show, will I show as a “Did Not Start” (DNS) or “Did Not Finish” (DNF)?


        • No. If you don’t make it after pre-registering, we simply delete you out of our data-set and you won’t show up as a DNS nor a DNF in the results.

    • Why doesn’t a race appear on the calendar above?


        • It is at the discretion of the timing volunteer whether or not they will use the pre-registration process when timing a small club race. For larger, paid races, we will use the registration website of the paid timing company.