This web page is a directory of ORRRC races with pre-registration available to our membership. In order to use these pre-registration forms, you must be an ORRRC member and be 18 and over. All others MUST use the regular race-day sign up process.

If you pre-register, you are still bound to all of the terms, conditions, and rules as though you had signed up on race-day using our paper forms.

In order to pre-register for a race, please click on the race name link below. If there is no link, that means pre-registration has not been set up yet, or it may not be used for that race.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I go on race day if I’m pre-registered?
    • If you have pre-registered for the race, please go to the registration table with the green table cloth. We will give you your chip and you’ll be on your way fast!
  • Should I pre-register if I’m not sure I will attend?
    • Yes! If you don’t make it, we simply delete you out of our data-set for that race and it’s like you never even pre-registered! Pre-registering, even if there’s a small chance that you’ll attend, saves the timing team a significant amount of preparation and data entry time, so we always prefer you pre-register if you can.
  • If I pre-register and I don’t show, will I show as a “Did Not Start” (DNS) or “Did Not Finish” (DNF)?
    • No. If you don’t make it after pre-registering, we simply delete you out of our data-set and you won’t show up as a DNS nor a DNF in the results.
  • Why doesn’t a race appear on the calendar above?
    • It is at the discretion of the timing volunteer whether or not they will use the pre-registration process when timing a small club race. For larger, paid races, we will use the registration website of the paid timing company.