Other running resources

The area offers many opportunities surrounding running activity.  Here are just a few that you can take advantage of.  Please note that the items on this page are not ORRRC affiliated.

Other Local Running Events

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Local Running Groups

The Miami Valley has many local running groups for training and camaraderie purposes. Below is a list of the running groups we are aware of, as well as any information we have on that group so that you may join up with them. Inclusion on this list is not, nor should not imply, endorsement of the group or any affiliates with those groups. Please contact us to have your group added to this list.

Tuesday Night Turtles

Schedule: Tuesdays, 6:30 pm at the parking lot to the east of Patterson Blvd. Marriott Hotel (near Carillon Park)
Course: 3, 4.5, ~6, ~6.8, and 9-mile courses available. The 3-mile course is somewhat hilly, however, the 4.5 mile and higher courses contain several tough grades that make the courses challenging. Most of the courses are paved, though there are some parallel trails that may be run for 1-2 miles of the 6-mile courses if desired.
About: All are welcome. The group has fast runners and slower runners, ranging from folks doing 7-minute miles to folks sustaining 11-minute miles through the course. There is an occasional walking group as well. We often eat dinner (and undo those calories burned) right after in one of the restaurants downtown.
Website / Contact: None available. Please contact Eddie Weaver for more information.

Team (G)race

About: Team G(race) meets Saturday mornings for group training runs/walks, usually at Up and Running in Troy (12 S. Market St.), but people meet other places, like Brukner Nature Center or Taylorsville MetroPark. During certain times of the year the group trains for a specific race, and therefore the distance is based on our training program for that race. Everybody is welcome at our group training events regardless of what race or distance a person is training for. During the week, many team members participate in the Wednesday night group run at Up and Running. Occasionally we will meet other evenings during the week for a group run, or early morning during the warmer months. The best way to stay informed about our group runs is to join our Facebook group.

5 Rivers Running Team

Schedule: Workouts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Website: http://www.5riversrunningteam.com


Dayton Wolverines Track Club

About: The Dayton Wolverines Track Club (DWTC) was formed in 2009 by Head Coach, Keith Ways, with the initial purpose of providing an avenue for youth to learn the fundamentals of running track and staying healthy. Since that time, DWTC has evolved into a non-profit, faith-based organization with a rich tradition of developing well-rounded youth destined for success, and our motto is “we turn no child away”. —– Coach Keith, considers himself a public servant who pledges to utilize his talents and skills to teach youth the fundamentals of track and field, cross country and indoor track. His philosophy is to instill a winning but humble attitude in every youth he coaches. As a strong Christian-believer, Coach Keith understands the impact of teaching and reinforcing biblical principles in the youth. He will tell you that faith and obedience, more than anything else, has contributed to the team’s continued success. Additionally, DWTC uses various opportunities to show youth how to partner with and value their community by volunteering and participating in local events. —– DWTC has a committed volunteer coaching staff that helps Coach Keith to fulfill the vision, mission and goals.
Coaches Freeman Foster, Larry Manley, James Crutcher, DeJuan Lamb, Rod Moore and Doug Picard strive to improve the physical fitness, mental stamina, and teamwork skills of the DWTC youth through weekly practice schedules and organized competitions.
Website / Contact: Coach Keith Ways, http://daytonwolverines.com/index.html

Hermes Running Club

About: The Hermes Running Club began in the spring of 2014. The brainchild of Tipp XC parent Melissa Sinning, this youth running club focuses on kids ages 12 and under. The club meets once per week beginning in June and culminates with a mock cross country meet at Kyle Park. The club is free and sponsored by the Alliance Running, Tipp XC, and the Ohio River Road Runners Club.
Website / Contact: Melissa Sinning, http://www.tippxc.com/hermes.html

Team Series

Please note that the Team Series uses club races but is not a club series.

General Information

Established racing teams are set to compete in a series of 9 designed races this year. All races are sponsored by ORRRC. Events are from 1 mile to 10 miles in length and are scheduled from February to November.


All runners will be ‘age graded’ after each race and the results will be resorted to reflect the age grading. Age grading is a way of putting all race participants on a level playing field, regardless of age or gender. Age graded scores let you compare your race times to those of different runners, as well as to the standard for your age and gender.

The FIVE runners who compute the lowest score complete a team. Teams also receive a minus 2 points for each team runner who completes the race, or volunteers at the race, up to 15 runners/volunteers (total -30 points).  These participation points are subtracted from the team’s score to calculate the final team score. If a team does not have 5 scoring runners the missing runners will be scored equal to the last place finisher in the event and totaled accordingly.

Team Races

Date Time Race Location
6-Feb 2PM Frostbite 5 Centerville HS
17-Mar 6:30PM St Patrick’s 5K Vandalia Rec
23-Apr 9AM Sugar Maple 5K Bellbrook
18-May 6:30PM Vandalia 5K Vandalia Rec
30-Jun 7PM Mile Dash for Cash Eastwoood
20-Jul 7PM Englewood 5K Englewood Metropark
6-Aug 8AM Tadmor 10K Taylorsville Metropark
1-Sep 6:30PM Lou Cox 5K Deweese Metropark
12-Nov 10AM Fall Festival 10 Mile Spring Valley


5 Rivers Running Team

Dayton Track Club (formally Runners’ Plus)



Speedy Feet Greene Frogs

Team Grace

WPAFB Marathon Team

The Athlete with Disability (AWD) Event List

The Ohio River Road Runner Club has many events that could be used by an athlete with a disability.

We have put together the list below to help those that are thinking about participating.

Each race is listed for suitably in regards to Wheelchairs, Hearing Impaired (D/HI), and/or Visually Impaired (B/VI).

The List


Guides must sign the race waiver but will not need to pay an entry fee.

A guide may accompany the AWD, but may not push, pull, or carry a push-rim wheelchair, handcycle, or ambulatory athlete through the course.

For more information about participating in an ORRRC event as an athlete with a disability, please contact that race’s director.

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