The trustees give Lifetime Memberships to those that have consistently provided the membership with the activities and leadership that allow the club to gather and thrive.

Mike Allen2010s
Cuba Allen2010s
Gregory Bell1990s
Denny Bennett1990s
Carol Bennett1990s
Jim Borgstrom1990s
Ronald Brower1990s
Ron Cramer1980s
Nancy Dietrich1980s
Frederick Dietrich1980s
Warren Elam1990s
Robert Faux2020s
Ray Finney1980s
Karen Gildow2010s
John Grilliot1990s
Carole Grilliot1990s
Jan Harrison1980s
Ronald Hart1990s
Andrew Helmick2010s
Bob Henscheid1980s
Mitzie Henscheid1980s
Ingrid Honzak1990s
Margaret Hurley1990s
Evan James1980s
Sandy James1980s
Clint Jett1980s
Kevin Johnston2020s
Ken Klein1990s
Ruth Kohstall2010s
Felix LeBlanc1980s
Danny Losekamp1990s
Jeff McPherson2010s
William Mercer1990s
Terry Murray1990s
Richard Osborn1990s
Wesley Owens1980s
Stephanie Owens1980s
Frank Postle1980s
Kathy Robbins2010s
Norman Sawdey1990s
Anna Lee Sawdey1990s
Bob Schlosser1980s
Kathy Shafer2010s
Pete Shafer2010s
Dan Sheilds1980s
Ken Sirois1990s
Shirley Sirois1990s
Mark Smith1980s
George Snyder1980s
Daniel Thompson1990s
Tom Tiller1990s
Kathleen Tiller1990s
Ed Wallace1980s
Kathy Watern1980s
Jeffrey Watern1980s
Eddie Weaver2010s
Beth Whitehead2010s