Good Afternoon!
Attached below are the Splash & Dash Results for the second event in the 2016 series.  Please contact Eddie Weaver with any questions you have & have a GREAT rest of your weekend!

==== Race Directors ====
Kathleen Tiller
Tom Tiller
Beth Whitehead
Eddie Weaver

==== Volunteers ====
Margaret Hurley
Greg Bell
Felix LeBlanc
Dan Cross
Karen Gildow
Terry Murray
Chris Stein
Krystal Wright
Alan Stutes
Kevin Johnston
David Sferrella
Drew Keating
Doug Moore
Daniel Thompson
Steve Wirick
Tim Bowman
Jeff McPherson
Dan Lehtonen
Karen Lehtonen
Chris Thieke
Ron Brower
Ben Veghte
Bob Schlosser

==== Results ====
Just Dash II Results – 2016
Splash and Dash II Results – 2016