MOX 12hr Endurance Race
October 1. 2016

“the ability to withstand hardship or adversity; especially : the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity”

RD: Jeff McPherson

Greg Bell
Karen Gildow
Chris Graham
Diana Schmitz
Steve Wirick
Akina Morris
Doug Picard
Aidan Picard
Andy Helmick
Andréa Van Sickle
Brian Whitaker
John Grilliot
Terry Murray
Jerry Rex
Carol Wirick
Gina Helmick

Pictures will be on the club FB page in a few days.

If you have any comments or questions about the results please email Jeff McPherson.

I have attached two files below.  An Excel file that will allow you to see each lap and the time it took for each.  (It is NOT in order of the number of mile traveled, like below.) And a PDF version of the same (if you don’t have access to Excel).


Chris BuchheitM/4767.744
Dave AmstutzM/4665.033
David AguiarM/3362.291
Chris SmithM/5960.281
Jeff MillerM/3959.611
Myia MillerF/3859.611
Randall FloresM/4858.24
Amanda YiznitskyF/3556.9
Gina HelmickF/5356.199
Glenda HernandezF/2255.529
Brian LanierM/4954.189
Sunshine SungF/3952.849
Aaron ArnesonM/3852.179
Robbie WilliamsF/3452.148
John MoriartyM/5651.478
Kaitlin RyckmanF/2950.107
Daniel ThompsonM/5548.767
Donna PiattF/3848.767
Liberty EberlyF/4048.767
Mike DesmierM/6248.767
Chris FanninM/4048.097
Courtney NichollF/3247.396
Lisa BishopF/4346.757
Jackie BrownF/5546.056
Kristy BrockF/3546.056
Brian SkowM/4745.386
Eric WrightM/4245.386
Ron MowryM/4744.716
Angela BartonF/4244.015
Craig EwingM/3943.345
Carrington PriceM/2142.675
John BartonM/5542.675
Melissa HeatonF/4542.675
Paul CarlsonM/4942.675
Rick McClainM/5542.675
Ron ReitzM/7241.304
Janie MontagueF/4239.964
Don RobinsonM/8039.294
Heather ForteF/4139.294
Jennifer SirucekF/3635.913
Kristen WilliamsF/3335.913
Rochelle OvertonF/2835.212
Michael CribbsM/4031.831
Sylvia GleasonF/5746.056*
* started 4 hours late.