Good Afternoon!
Attached below are the Splash & Dash and Just Dash Results for the first event in the 2017 series.  Please contact Kathy Robbins with any questions you have.

==== Race Directors ====
Kathleen Tiller
Beth Whitehead
Eddie Weaver

==== Volunteers ====
Margaret Hurley*
Greg Bell
Amanda Wehrmeister
Karen Gildow
Teresa Marlins*
Ellie Erich
Diana Schmitz
Felix LeBlanc
Terry Murray
Chris Thieke
Kevin Johnston*
Kim Noble*
Drew Keating
Daniel Thompson*
Steve Wirick
Ron Brower*
Kathy Robbins
Jamie Viers
Dan Lehtonen*
Colleen Shea Perry
Mike Allen*
Andy Johnson
Tim Bowman*
Ron Brower*
Norm Sawdey
*also participated

2017 Splash and Dash #1
2017 Just Dash #1