Stillwater 7
August 27, 2016

RD: Linda Barhorst

Your Volunteers:
Carol Wirick
Steve Wirick *
Ron Argabright
Karen Gildow
Liz Rainer
Chris Stein
Eddie Weaver *
John Grilliot *
Ron Brower
Jeff Oberg
Brandi Brinks
Cindy Jones
Mark Jones
Mike Allen *
Dan Thompson
* – Also ran

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Second, if you are taking part in the 2016 Dirst Dawg Trails Series please check the following page to verify your attendance at each race (PDF of the detailed results) and to submit the races that you have been a non-running volunteer for.

PlaceNameCityAge Group PlaceGun TimeTotal Pace
1Jason Barhorst1 Top Fin47:24.86:46/M
2Chris GrahamTipp City OH1 M 35-3950:52.67:16/M
3Fred Schmiedebusch1 Top Fin51:02.07:17/M
4Chaunecy Johnson1 M 30-3452:10.27:27/M
5Charles Geer1 M 25-2952:36.57:31/M
6Avery Stockstill2 M 30-3452:40.07:31/M
7Jen Spieldenner1 Top Fin55:19.77:54/M
8Peter Qumsiyeh3 M 30-3455:30.07:56/M
9Erin Brooks1 F 30-3456:33.38:05/M
10Mandy Tegtmeyer2 F 30-3456:51.28:07/M
11Donald OreskovichFairborn OH1 Top Fin57:00.48:09/M
12Daniel RittenhouseTipp City OH1 M 55-5957:07.78:10/M
13Brian Whitaker2 M 35-3957:43.18:15/M
14Micah Lipps1 M 40-4457:59.68:17/M
15Bettsie DelappMiddletown OH1 Top Fin58:08.98:18/M
16Tom SchneiderDayton OH2 M 55-591:00:40.28:40/M
17Nick Stammen4 M 30-341:01:06.48:44/M
18Terry SwallowEnon OH2 M 40-441:01:35.48:48/M
19Scott StrainGettysburg OH1 Top Fin1:01:57.88:51/M
20Pete ShaferDayton OH1 M 60-641:03:14.79:02/M
21Neil Fogt1 M 45-491:03:23.99:03/M
22Jim BulachTroy OH1 M 50-541:03:40.79:06/M
23Bill HaberGreenville OH2 M 50-541:03:59.19:08/M
24Tim BowmanVandalia OH2 M 60-641:04:21.59:12/M
25Derek DunkleDayton OH3 M 40-441:05:47.39:24/M
26Allen Newbauer3 M 35-391:06:09.09:27/M
27Stephen WirickVandalia OH3 M 60-641:06:42.29:32/M
28Tim KemperDayton OH4 M 35-391:07:01.89:34/M
29Peter Starbuck3 M 55-591:08:15.09:45/M
30Joseph GilvaryLoveland OH2 M 45-491:08:56.09:51/M
31Jenny Wagner1 F 40-441:09:45.79:58/M
32Jerry RexLima OH1 M 65-691:10:04.210:01/M
33Mark NiezgodskiDayton OH4 M 60-641:10:35.710:05/M
34Isaac Hurley5 M 30-341:11:40.210:14/M
35Jill Hamaker1 F 35-391:12:00.910:17/M
36Paul PardiFairborn OH4 M 55-591:12:37.410:22/M
37Shelly HaberGreenville OH1 Top Fin1:12:45.010:24/M
38Andrea Van SickleSpringboro OH3 F 30-341:13:23.010:29/M
39Dan Hurley5 M 55-591:13:29.010:30/M
40Rob LewisVandalia OH3 M 45-491:13:52.510:33/M
41Anna Ketcham1 F 25-291:14:03.110:35/M
42Eddie WeaverDayton OH6 M 30-341:16:02.810:52/M
43Randy Bashore2 M 65-691:17:26.011:04/M
44Mark BartonGreenville OH5 M 60-641:18:45.111:15/M
45Scott Ketcham2 M 25-291:18:58.211:17/M
46Errol GeerDayton OH3 M 65-691:20:03.411:26/M
47David DunkleTipp City OH4 M 40-441:21:37.611:40/M
48Adam Alsept7 M 30-341:21:38.511:40/M
49Travis Hans5 M 40-441:23:23.911:55/M
50Kathy BartonGreenville OH1 Top Fin1:24:18.012:03/M
51Jenna Ross2 F 25-291:24:40.612:06/M
52Hank StickDayton OH3 M 50-541:24:59.612:08/M
53Mike AllenDayton OH4 M 65-691:25:17.512:11/M
54Taylor Cortolillo3 F 25-291:25:57.112:17/M
55Jill Robertson1 F 45-491:25:57.412:17/M
56Clint EmmelTroy OH6 M 40-441:29:16.312:45/M
57Denny BennettBellbrook OH5 M 65-691:30:55.712:59/M
58John GrilliotDayton OH1 M 70-741:31:42.513:06/M
59Ingrid HonzakPhoenix AZ1 F 65-691:31:53.713:08/M
60Thomas FoxGermantown OH6 M 60-641:33:21.413:20/M
61Carol BennettBellbrook OH2 F 65-691:33:21.713:20/M
62Thom Baker6 M 65-691:35:47.313:41/M
63Jj Beall6 M 55-591:38:12.914:02/M
64Tamara Souders1 F 50-541:38:51.614:07/M
65Kristi Adams2 F 45-491:38:51.714:07/M
66Terry M. MurrayMiamisburg OH7 M 60-641:39:41.214:14/M