Request for Proposal: Race & Event Photography

Due: 11:59pm Eastern on Saturday, 2 April 2022
Send To:

Key Terms

For the purposes of this contract, below are key terms and their intended meaning:

  • Major Events: the ORRRC’s premiere events, which include (as of March 2022) the ORRRC Xenia Marathon & Half Marathon, the Ghost ‘n Goblin 5k, and the ORRRC Miamisburg Turkey Trot. The ORRRC reserves the right to add or subtract from the list of major events.
  • Minor Events: all other races/events (e.g. small road & trail races, ultras, and special events) put on by the Ohio River Road Runners Club, excluding Board of Trustees meetings.
  • ORRRC: the Ohio River Road Runners Club.
  • ORRRC Officers: the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as elected from and by the trustees.
  • ORRRC Trustees, Board, or Board of Directors: the elected leadership of the ORRRC, elected by the membership at our annual meeting. This is between 5-15 members of the Club elected to the Board.
  • Photography Company: the owner of the contracted business, all employees and representatives of the contracted company, and subcontractors of the business


Proposal Requirements

Your photography proposal must conform to the following minimum requirements (which may be altered by the ORRRC as necessary) and explain how you or your company intends to meet the requirements:

    • Presence: Shall be present for all scheduled ORRRC events. ORRRC events are listed at under the “Events & Series” tab. (Variances, such as an inability to make it to certain races, may be coordinated 4 weeks in advance with the Board or photography point of contact.)
    • Coverage: Photographs and media should cover as many participants, race organizers, volunteers, and spectators as possible. The photographer should also cover stills of the course without people (for website banners/mastheads, backgrounds, etc).
      • For all major events: the photographer is expected to be present for the duration of the event, from registration/opening through the presentation of awards. Note: Major events typically warrant between 1,000-2,500 photographs and may necessitate additional photographers (as approved by the Board of Trustees). 
      • For all minor events:
        • For events less than 4 hours: the photographer is expected to be present for the duration of the event, from registration/opening through the presentation of awards/dismissal
        • For events greater than 4 hours: Race directors for longer events (e.g. ultra-marathons ) may individually coordinate with the photographer to determine the duration of services (e.g. full time of the event, just start/finish, the middle of the event, etc) with a presence of no more than 4 hours total at the event required.
      • Board Meetings: The photographer need not be present for ORRRC Trustees/Board meetings. 
      • Special Events: The photographer is expected to be present at special events such as the yearly picnic and awards dinner and will receive a single complimentary entry for those events. 
  • Delivery: Shall deliver full resolution, professionally edited (e.g. color-corrected, edited, cropped, etc.) photographs from the event to the Officers.
    • Delivery Timing: 
      • for all minor events: photos should be delivered within 48 hours of the event.
      • for all major events: all photos must be delivered within 5 calendar days of the event. A sampling of 15 photos must be delivered within 48 hours of the event. 
    • Delivery Method: Delivery of the photographs must occur via an upload of the photographs to a media service which permits mass-download of the photographs (intent: so that the officers can easily mass-download the photos and share them on our social media platforms). A shared Google Drive folder may be provided if required for the transfer of the photographs if the photographer does not have a platform for distribution. 
  • Rights: Shall relinquish all rights (financial, ownership, intellectual property claims, etc.) of the media to the Ohio River Road Runners Club, granting the ORRRC full ownership. This shall include usage of the media in promotions, websites, race information, social media, and other formats. The photographer may, through the duration of the contract, retain limited rights to the media to use as portfolio examples on their website and social media presences unless permission is revoked by an ORRRC officer or an extension in limited rights is granted by the ORRRC. 
  • Portfolio: the proposal must include samples or a link to samples of your portfolio. At least 20 media samples must be provided. 
  • Corporate Information: the proposal must include corporate information, including (if applicable): any bonding/insurance, a current employee roster, list of extant or potential subcontractors, extant or proposed/potential affiliations with other corporations or organizations, and potential conflicts of interest. 
  • Services & Benefits: The photographer is not granted ORRRC membership nor benefits by this contract. The photographer will be given access to the course and event in order to fulfill the contract, and will be given access to restrooms and water. The photographer, at the invitation/discretion of an ORRRC Board member or ORRRC race director, may be given access to comfort amenities such as food, non-alcoholic beverages, or race mementos. The ORRRC is not liable for any issues or problems stemming from such offerings.


Financial Arrangements

In return for services rendered in accordance with this contract, The Ohio River Road Runners Club agrees to pay the photographer:

  • $200 per minor event
  • $400 per photographer per major event, up to $800 (for multiple photographers present from the company, or subcontracted to ensure proper coverage of the event)

The contracted photographer must provide a single invoice or bill to the ORRRC Treasurer via e-mail no less than once per month (if a race occurred within the preceding month). The photographer may elect to bill after each event as well. Payment will be rendered within two weeks of receipt of the invoice.



Selection Process & Criteria

The ORRRC will evaluate proposals at the next Board meeting and/or virtually, with a final decision rendered at either that or a subsequent Board meeting. Board of Trustee members will receive your proposal and portfolio before the meeting. Proposals will be evaluated on their ability to meet the preceding criteria, as well as a subjective evaluation of the portfolio submitted. Those submitting proposals may attend the meetings (they are open meetings), but may not be present for evaluation and discussion, so as not to influence the proceedings.

When a selection is made, a contract will be sent to the selected candidate including a waiver of liability, finalized agreement, and will be signed by a representative from both parties.


Proposal Submission Procedures

Please submit your proposal in an e-mail, PDF, or .doc/.docx format to the ORRRC Treasurer’s inbox at by 11:59pm EDT on Saturday, 2 April 2022.