Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Points of Contact

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Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Jim Latham President, Dash for Cash One Mile RD, MOX 12 Hour Endurance RD (937) 228-5418
Eddie Weaver Vice President, Wingman 10k RD
Aneesa Bhimani-Trimble Secretary
Terry Murray Treasurer (937) 269-1992
Jacqueline Brooke Trustee, St. Patrick's 5k RD
Liberty Eberly Trustee, 1 Mile Dash RD
Karen Gildow Trustee, Race Day Memberships, Englewood 5k RD, Member-Only Picnic Organizer, Gift 5k RD (937) 879-3781
Doug Gladman Trustee, Little Miami 10 Miler RD
Chris Graham Trustee, 1 Mile Dash RD
Lindsay Groover Trustee, Ghost-n-Goblin RD
Kevin Johnston Trustee, St. Patrick's 5k RD, Member-Only Picnic Organizer. For updates to Hotline, please call (513) 839-0146 or number to right (513) 523-0846
Felix LeBlanc Trustee, Course Certification, Sugar Maple 5k RD (937) 299-0134
Phil Noble Trustee, 401k, Harveysburg 13 RD, Winter Solstice 10 Mile RD
Mary O'Donoghue Trustee, Member-Only Picnic Organizer
Anthony Trimble Trustee, Splash and Dash RD
Andy Helmick Tie-Dye 50k RD, Carriage Hill 5k RD, MOX 12 Hr Endurance RD (937) 974-3454
Ingrid Honzak Ghost and Goblins 5k RD, Everybody is a Winner RD (937) 223-6600
Kenn Daily Team Series
Kathleen Tiller Grand Prix, Germantown 17k RD (937) 855-4270
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